News from TechEd: Internet Explorer 5 demo

Microsoft's Technology Education (TechEd) conference is typically used to show-off future trends for the Windows software industry. One of the big events at this years show was the first public demonstration of Internet Explorer 5.0, shown in "pre-beta" form to attendees. Microsoft says that a wide-scale beta test is still a few weeks away, while Beta 1 of IE 5.0 will be included in Windows NT 5.0 when it ships later this month.

Currently, IE 5.0 looks almost identical to Internet Explorer 4.0, which is shipping with Windows 98. Microsoft has made the program more modular, however, so that users can download small components as they wish, making for shorter downloads and a smaller product. The biggest changes to IE 5.0 are under the hood, with enhancements to the Dynamic HTML engine, a new Favorites menu, and toolbar customizing options. Microsoft is also working on a new technology it calls "behaviors", which are components built on scriptlets (a script-based object technology introduced in IE 4.0) that can be added to Web pages. Behaviors separate content and programming functions so that developers can focus on their specialties, rather than be forced to be jack-of-all-trades

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