News from TechEd: Gates speaks out

Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates concluded the sold-out TechEd conference on Thursday with a keynote address that discussed the importance of Windows NT 5.0 and Microsoft's battle with the government. In the keynote, which was delivered remotely via satellite, Gates promised to be more open with developers about future directions the company was taking. The continuous delays in Windows NT 5.0 got particular attention.

"We didn't prioritize the schedule over the quality of the work," he said. "We understand our direction very, very well, although the exact timing, we don't."

Windows NT 5.0 will include a new feature called Microsoft Installer, code-named Darwin, a new. common way to install Microsoft applications such as Office.

Interestingly, Gates said that Beta 2 of Windows NT 5.0--which will be given to beta testers by mid-July--would be feature complete and that any further product requests they received would be folded into NT 6.0.

Gates' take on the Microsoft/DOJ dispute was pretty simple: He believes the company should be allowed to innovate free of government intervention. He argued that the combination of Internet Explorer and Windows was a natural progression for Microsoft to take with its operating systems

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