New Windows NT virus causing a scare

A new virus that Network Associates describes as "the most destructive virus" its ever come across is causing a stir in the Windows NT community since it specifically targets everyone's favorite network operating system. The virus, which is known as "Remote Explorer," infects Windows client machines on an NT network at random, rendering files on those systems unreadable by applying to them an as-yet unknown encryption algorithm.

Remote Explorer works by installing itself on the Windows NT Server and then giving itself the security setting of an administrator. The virus actually examines the layout of the network and randomly creates a scheme to infect every computer there. Furthermore, it stays dormant during the day, coming out only at night (!) while most workers are home and not using the machines.

Fortunately, Network Associates has already created a program that detects the virus and they will soon make a fix available that restores any data that was encrypted by the virus.

For more information, please visit the Remote Explorer page on the Network Associates Web site

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