New Windows NT hot-fix, performance tool available

Thanks to John Nuechterlein, Merell L. Matlock, and Nathan Mercer for the tip: Microsoft has released another post-SP3 hot-fix for Windows NT 4.0. This one addresses the "Error Message Vulnerability" discovered by Daniel Bleichenbacher at Bell Labs.

You can find out more information about this problem at the Microsoft Web site or the RSA Laboratories Web site.

If you'd like to download the fix, go to the following directory on the Microsoft FTP site.

In an unrelated note, John also found a tool on the Microsoft FTP site that "affinitizes" hardware interrupts on multiprocessor systems.

I just spent about ten minutes trying to come up with an explanation of the word "affinitize," by the way (see the README), but I think this tool basically makes multiprocessor systems run more intelligently. Typically, NT will throw instructions at the processor that is less burdened at the time. This tool appears to make the processor decision smarter by seeing if any processor has the instruction in its cache. If it does, that processor gets is sent the instruction and it "runs faster."

You know, maybe. :)


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