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New version of ActiveX Control Pad available

Microsoft has released a new update to the ActiveX Control Pad, a tool that allows you to quickly and easily and ActiveX controls--and the VBScript or JavaScript needed to manipulate them--to your HTML pages. The January 20 update to Control Pad 1.0 includes the following: • Bug fixes. • Updated versions of files that are shared with Office 97, Visual Basic 5, and other applications. • Improved Japanese support. • Support for containment of controls that expect the IObjectSafety interface. The RealAudio control doesn't give the "unsafe for scripting" alerts any longer. • Setup works with Office 97 and Visual Basic 5 beta builds that are already on your machine. You won't get a failure registering isctrls.ocx. You can download the 2.7 Mb file now from the Microsoft Web site--I will be adding it to the Internet Nexus tools collection tomorrow

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