New Touchpad Options in Windows 8.1 August Update

New Touchpad Options in Windows 8.1 August Update

If you're looking to see a gaggle of new features added in the August Update for Windows 8.1, you might be a bit disappointed. What was originally rumored to be a major update, with some long-awaited features, is just a ho-hum update.

But, August Update does bring one area of newness, though it's sure not to thrill, excite, or wake P.T. Barnum in his grave.

If you navigate to PC and Devices – Mouse and Touchpad, you'll find three new options for using the connected Touchpad. These work particularly well with the Microsoft Surface, and requires a "precision touchpad."

The new options are displayed as touch sliders, allowing you to turn the features on or off, and they're pretty self-explanatory. They are:

  • Leave touch pad on when a mouse is connected
  • Allow right-clicks on the touchpad
  • Double-tap and drag

Other new features provided in August Update include a couple additionally ho-hum pieces for IT Pros and end users. Those include:

  • New Miracast Receive APIs – good for developers.
  • Minimizing Login prompts for SharePoint Online – This is basically a new checkbox to say "Hey, don't remind me again." Yeah. Just. A. Checkbox.
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