New tech showcases on the SuperSite for Windows 2000!

I wrote two new Windows 2000 Technology Showcases over the weekend:

Improvements in the Windows 2000 Command Line
Power users rejoice! The Windows 2000 command line interface has been improved dramatically when compared to its predecessor in Windows NT 4.0. This showcase examines the new features of the Windows 2000 command line, including shortcuts and auto-complete.

Removing the Explorer nag screens
Though Microsoft's attempts at protecting the system from its users is understandable, power users want access to the entire system. One of the most annoying 'features' in Windows 2000 is the 'nag screen' you get when you attempt to access system folders. This showcase tells you how to remove the Explorer nag screens and discusses other ways to get your system back.

Both of these showcases are now available on the SuperSite for Windows 2000. Enjoy,


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