New Microsoft Systems Architecture Blueprint Launched

   Last week, a group of industry partners announced the release of the first partner-led Microsoft Systems Architecture (MSA) blueprint for the Enterprise Data Center (EDC). The partners include Brocade, CommVault Systems, Dell, EMC, Emulex, KVS, NetIQ, and Nortel Networks. The blueprint, called the EDC Blueprint for Replication and Recovery, is a pretested solution that provides guidance for delivering scalable and high availability solutions in a Microsoft Windows Server environment. The blueprint provides documented guidance for planning, building, and managing an enterprise data center configuration with data replication and recovery. The new guide extends the work that began last year with the release of the Microsoft Systems Architecture Blueprint for Internet Data Centers.


The MSA EDC Blueprint for Replication and Recovery incorporates Windows Server System technology, including Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Exchange 2000. The blueprint includes information about hardware, software, and enterprise IT services such as authentication, security, file and print, and Web-access network connectivity.  According to the industry partners who released the blueprint, the benefits of following the blueprint include consolidation, security, lowered implementation risk, improved service levels through data replication, backup and recovery, and data archiving.

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