New Linux distribution runs on Windows

Thanks to Allen Harkleroad for the tip: A company called JDRP has released the final beta version of its Linux distribution this week, which runs on top of Windows. Known as WinLinux 2000, this distribution uses a setup program that makes installing it as simple as installing any application. WinLinux 2000 detect your hardware using the settings in your Windows 9x PC, making this often painful process as simple as possible. And since it runs on Windows 9x, no separate partitioning of your hard drive is required.

"WinLinux is a real alternative for both Windows and Linux users", says Jacob Hartmann, the CFO of JRCP.

WinLinux 2000 includes a suite of applications, including Netscape Communicator, the KDE desktop environment, and more. If you're interested in this interesting tool head on over to the WinLinux 2000 Web site (though this site was down at the time this was written). You can download the distribution in the form of a single self-extracting executable file (138 MB) from the WinLinux FTP site

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