New Internet Nexus to debut Monday

We've been hard at work for the past few weeks on a redesign of the Internet Nexus Web site, the Web-based companion of this newsletter.  The new Nexus will include personalization features, threaded discussion groups and live chat, and IE 4.0/Netscape Navigator channels. While the channel contents may not be full-featured by Monday, we do expect to have the following available:

  • IE 4.0 Channel, with today's news, the latest editorial, and latest    five book reviews. The IE 4.0 Channel will include ActiveX controls,    Cascading Style Sheets, Dynamic HTML, and other IE 4.0 features.
  • IE 4.0 Active Desktop item, with today's news. This component will    probably evolve into an ActiveX control, but the first version will    be DHTML-based.
  • Netscape Netcaster Channel, with today's news, the latest editorial, and    latest five book reviews. The Netcaster Channel will include Netscape    Navigator 4.0-specific features such as JavaScript Style Sheets and    "dynamic" HTML.
The channels are designed for off-line viewing so they will benefit 28.8 users as well as high-bandwidth users. We're also in the process of beefing up our Web Publishing section, which will support the Web design and development books we are publishing.

One of the more compelling components of the Web site is that it is almost entirely database-driven. Virtually all of the content is derived from a database on the Web server that can be updated over the Web. While this doesn't affect you that much, it does make the site easier to update so future updates shouldn't require such a tremendous effort. The current site is about 50% active content, by the way. Portions of the site that weren't dynamic, such as Editorial, What's new?, and Mailbag, have all been updated and added to the database.

Please visit the Internet Nexus Web site ( on Monday and check it out. See you then!


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