New Intel processors due next week

On Monday, Intel will officially release a slew of new processors, including new chips for portable, low-end, and high-end desktops. Rounding out the low-end of Intel's offerings is the new Celeron 300A, a new version of its 300 MHz Celeron that features 128K of L2 cache. Previous versions of the Celeron, including a 300 MHz version, do not offer any cache, causing systems with these chips to run much more slowly than comparable Pentium II systems. A 366 MHz Celeron will follow in early 1999.

For portable users, Intel will introduce a 300 MHz version of its mobile Pentium II microprocessor, which will join the existing 233 and 266 MHz mobile Pentium IIs.

And for the high-end desktop, Intel is debuting a 450 MHz Pentium II; a 450 MHz Pentium II Xeon is due later this year. Like 350 and 400 MHz Pentium II systems, the 450 MHz version runs on a 100 MHz bus

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