NetVision Helps Patrol NetWare Servers


NetVision announced a new product to fill a need with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies: eDirectory Policy Manager Knowledge Module for PATROL. The module is an intrusion prevention and remediation solution that integrates BMC Software's PATROL management platform and Novell NetWare servers. NetVision will comarket the new knowledge module in unison with BMC Software.

Todd Lawson, president and chief executive officer at NetVision said, "We have developed a solution that increases BMC's offerings to their

customers by helping NetWare and PATROL administrators know what is really happening on their systems. eDirectory Policy Manager for PATROL isn't just a loosely bolted on product that is complementary with PATROL, it has full integration with PATROL through the Knowledge Module and native PATROL events. Since eDirectory Policy Manager for PATROL operates at the directory level it can protect security-sensitive user \[and\] group access rights and privileged information stored in the enterprise directory--an area which traditional host-based and network-based intrusion detection systems \[IDSs\] fail to protect. This is a true intrusion prevention solution for BMC's customers."

The knowledge module works in real-time by comparing event information collected from the directory, file system, and the OS. The module can audit access controls and track user behavior, automate responses, reverse and repair inappropriate user actions or actions that violate policies, all without administrator intervention.

According to BMC Software and Novell, approximately 80 percent of Fortune companies use both NetWare and BMC Software solutions. Sean Duclaux, director of PATROL Platforms for BMC Software said, "The addition of NetVision's Knowledge Module will be a powerful tool for

ensuring our mutual customers' security. The combination of our two technologies will provide our mutual customers with proactive management helping them to ensure that critical technology components are available."

NetVision's new module is priced at $23.75 per seat and volume discounts are available.

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