Netscape unleashes intranet strategy

Netscape today announced their sweeping intranet strategy, which centers on its next generation of server, server tools, and client products. Netscape is calling the software "Crossware" because it is all based on HTML, Java, and JavaScript.

Netscape believes that companies will build "extranets" that extend intranets into the Internet for intra-company commerce and they'd like to be there before Microsoft. Upcoming products include "Apollo," the code- name for the next version of SuiteSpot, and "Mercury," the next version of Communicator. Both will be available early next year.

Crossware will also release the "Palomar" visual development tool, which will allow enterprise developers to create commerce applications using pre- built components. Palomar is not expected until mid-1998.

The Mercury follow-up to Communicator 4.0 will include support for "push" technologies, a "Gemini" software engine for dynamic multimedia content, "Compass" software agents, and a single inbox for voice, e-mail, and fax.

Numerous companies announced support for the Crossware initiative, including Sun, Oracle, and Digital

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