Netscape releases UNIX and Macintosh Communicator beta

Netscape likes to push the fact that it supports numerous platforms in addition to Windows 95/NT and it backed this claim up today by releasing a new version of its Communicator suite for Windows 3.1 and the Macintosh this weekend. A UNIX version is due today. Preview Release 5 for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh brings these versions up to speed with the Win32 version, although the Netcaster component is not ready yet for these 16-bit OSes. Daniel Klaussen, a group product manager at Netscape, said that they didn't want to hold back the new version of Communicator just because Netcaster wasn't finished yet.

"Internally, we've got Netcaster running great on \[the\] Mac," Klaussen said. "But our focus externally is that it's running great on Win32. Rest assured that it is running cross-platform."

New features include support for IMAP4, Secure/MIME and Netscape's proprietary "dynamic" HTML. The final release for all versions of Communicator is due in June

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