Netscape releases Communicator 4.7

Netscape Communications released the latest version of its Web browser suite, Communicator 4.7, this week. Communicator 4.7, which ships in a variety of editions, is a free collection of software that allows users to browse and communicate over the Internet. New to version 4.7 is a "Shop" toolbar button, which directs the user to [email protected], the company's new eCommerce portal.

Despite the recent release of the suite, it includes some oddly out of date components, such as older versions of AOL Instant Messenger and RealAudio. But the new version is also the first to bundle WinAMP, a free multimedia player that plays MP3 audio files. Communicator 4.7 also includes a new version of Netscape Radio, the online radio service that allows you to listen to live streaming audio over the Internet.

To download Netscape Communicator 4.7, please visit the Netscape Web site

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