Netscape posts new version of Communicator to fix JavaScript bug

Netscape Communications has posted a new version of its Communicator suite, version 4.01a, that fixes a JavaScript security bug. Unfortunately, this release still doesn't include a final version of the Netcaster push component. Netscape also plans to release a new 3.02 version of Navigator to fix a similar JavaScript bug in its older browser. Netscape will not fix 2.x versions, however.

David Rothschild, Netscape's director of client product marketing commented on the recently discovered bugs in JavaScript. "\[There are\] two different bugs and we patched them. If there were a larger issue, we wouldn't be able to patch them. There's no design flaw in JavaScript. It's not writing to your hard drive. We think we've gone through and cut off any bugs related to these exploits."

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