Netscape posts FastTrack 3.0 beta release

Netscape released a preview version of FastTrack 3.0 to its Web site today so that users can test the upcoming low-end Web server. FastTrack is targeted at individuals and small workgroups, not the high-end systems Netscape serves with Enterprise Serer. New features include HTTP 1.1 and LDAP support, Java, JavaScript, database connectivity, and session management services.

"Netscape FastTrack Server is an entry-level Web server that provides customers with the ability to create and publish documents and run Crossware applications, while remaining extremely easy to use and manage," said John Paul, senior vice president and general manager of the Server Product Division at Netscape. "Using the popular Web server, individuals or small workgroups can quickly and easily establish a Web presence and deploy Intranet and Extranet solutions."

Netscape expects to have the final version of FastTrack 3.0 available late this year for $295 (Microsoft's personal Web servers are free). FastTrack is designed for Windows NT and various versions of UNIX. Windows 95 support was dropped from this release. Currently, only the Digital UNIX, HP-UX, and AIX preview releases are available, however.

For more information about FastTrack, please visit the FastTrack Web site

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