Netscape, Oracle to bundle tools

Netscape Communications and Oracle Corporation will sell a Web development bundle that includes the Oracle Lite database and Netscape's SuiteTools, which consists of Visual JavaScript Pro and Component Builder 1.0. The package is aimed at Web developers who need to create transaction-based Web applications similar to what's possible with Microsoft Active Server Pages.

Netscape's Visual JavaScript Pro allows developers to integrate HTML with JavaBeans components and JavaScript code. The addition of Oracle Lite lets developers build transaction-based applications locally, or deploy them locally, without requiring a live connection to a full-scale Oracle database. Oracle Lite requires less than 1MB of disk space and can run on a laptop, handheld computer, or NC, according to Oracle officials. The company is making a Navigator Plug-in version of Oracle Lite, and will later offer native Windows and UNIX versions.

Netscape SuiteTools will be priced at approximately $1000 when it ships later this month

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