Netscape offers a new version of...Internet Explorer

You're going to think I'm making this up, but Netscape Communications announced on Thursday its intention to ship an upgrade for Microsoft's Internet Explorer that includes Netscape features such as Smart Browsing, My Netscape, WebMail, SmartUpdate, Netscape Search, Netscape Contact, and Netscape Member Directory. Dubbed TuneUp for IE, the Internet Explorer add-in is designed to push IE users to the NetCenter Web site, where Netscape users are frequently pushed, by features in that browser. Netscape executives hope that the TuneUp, which will be made available by the end of August, will enhance revenues from NetCenter and, perhaps, cause IE users to convert to Netscape Communicator. As Netscape's browser share fell over the past year, the company was forced to start giving it away again and focus on Web site revenues as a primary source of income. Each page view on NetCenter generates income from their advertisers.

TuneUp for IE is a small ActiveX control that Netscape says will download in less than 30 seconds. And who said Netscape would never support ActiveX

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