Netscape to launch Constellation next week

Netscape is planning on formally launching Constellation next week. This new product is a desktop replacement for Windows and other operating systems that uses push technology to bolster its Communicator clients. The Constellation/Communicator programs compete directly with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape has pushed up the launch date specifically to steal some thunder from IE 4, which was distributed to the public last week.

The Constellation launch will feature Netscape VP Marc Andreessen doing a live demo of the product, which includes the following features:

  • HomePort: a personal workspace that users can access from any Internet-connected computer
  • InfoStream: a stock ticker-type frame of constantly updated news and information
  • LiveSites: a push-content window
  • Notification: allows the user to send pop-up POP3 mail messages
Content partners like Marimba are expected to be at the launch as well
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