Netscape beta? Yes.

It was brought to my attention this weekend that the Netscape Communicator beta I mentioned in Friday's WinInfo was released for DevEdge developers and not for the general public. As such, it may not perform as well as a real beta, and may crash your system. Anyone who uses beta products, Netscape or otherwise, is probably used to such behavior, of course. I suggest using the program at your own risk, but I also suggest *using* it. This new version is the nicest product the company has ever produced. That said, C-Net posted a story today stating that the first beta was "quietly" released this weekend by Netscape. I suspect they found out about it here. :) Also, Netscape has posted the release to their Web site. As usual, WinInfo subscribers found out first. In a related story, Navigator 4.0's handling of tables now conforms to the HTML 3.2 standard, making tables appear slightly differently from Navigator 2.0 and 3.0. Internet Explorer 3.0 supports HTML 3.2 tables as well

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