Netscape announces three Communicator suites

With three rounds of bug fixes out of the way, Netscape is finally ready to release retail versions of the Communicator suite. The company announced three versions of the suite today, that should be available on store shelves soon.

Netscape Communicator Internet Access Edition comes bundled with software that lets users open an Internet access account with a local ISP, It will then automatically configure the software to work with that ISP. This version is aimed at beginners who haven't been online yet. The Internet Access Edition will cost $59.

The Deluxe Edition includes everything that is in the Internet Access Edition, with additional features for high-end users. This include the Norton Anti-Virus Scanner, a Java Web page creator, and an FTP speed-dialer as well as graphical E-mail and the Netcaster push component. This version will cost $79.

The final version, Netscape Publishing Suite, includes everything in the first two versions, plus the personal edition of NetObjects Fusion, a WYSIWYG Web page creator. It will retail for $129.

Additionally, Netscape is offering $30-$40 rebates through the end of the year, in an attempt to distribute 100 million copies of Netscape's client software this year. You can still purchase Communicator online as well, though not in these configurations

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