Netscape announces Netcenter

Netscape announced today its intention to launch "Netcenter online," a new service based out of its Web site that will provide information services to businesses and corporate professionals. According to Jim Barksdale, CEO of Netscape, Netcenter is targeted at the top 30% of business users.

"We just want our God-given right to 90% of the business \[on the Net\]," Barksdale joked.

Netcenter will be free of charge and will go live sometime next week with one million members drawn from the Netscape customer base.

"What Netcenter is all about is what we're going to turn into tomorrow," executive vice president Mike Homer said. "Netscape Netcenter will provide its members with unparalleled integration of software and content along with premium programs and customizable services for more than 1,000 partners."

In short, Netscape is attempting to increase their online ad revenues by adding more content to their Web site. With 30 million hits a day, this makes a lot of sense

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