Netmeeting 2 RC2 now available

Microsoft has made the following announcement, which I thought I would pass along:

Netmeeting 2.0 Release Candidate 2 is available for download. The web pages will display as Netmeeting 2.0 Beta 4. However, the links will download the latest version, Netmeeting 2.0 RC2.

The file name will also be same name as Netmeeting 2.0 Beta 4 but the file sizes will be different. Please check the file size to ensure a complete and correct download.

Netmeeting 2.0 Beta 4
Win95 - nm20b495.exe - 2,622,656 bytes
WinNT - nm20b4nt.exe - 2,173,632 bytes

Netmeeting 2.0 Release Candidate 2
Win95 - nm20b495.exe - 2,584,768 bytes
WinNT - nm20b4nt.exe - 2,155,200 bytes

Tips for installation:
1. Uninstall previous version of Netmeeting via Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs
2. Delete the entire Netmeeting folder (normally located in Program files)
3. Install Netmeeting 2.0 RC2

If you haven't installed Netmeeting, I highly recommend that you install this Release Candidate and evaluate this acclaimed collaboration tool. For those of you who have used previous versions and betas of Netmeeting, just download it and enjoy!

Bryan Chee
Microsoft Netmeeting Tea

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