NetCaptor makes browsing the Web easier

Most WinInfo subscribers are probably familiar with NeoPlanet, the first non-Microsoft Web browser to use the Internet Explorer engine while adding a host of new features, such as a skin-able user interface. But NeoPlanet isn't for everyone, and I found myself tiring of it quickly. This weekend, however, I ran into a new IE-backed browser called NetCaptor that's definitely worth a look. A free version, which utilizes a small add section is available for download while you can purchase the "Pro" version (sans ads) for only $20.

NetCaptor looks like a turbo version of Internet Explorer 2.0, though it uses the IE 5.0 or 4.0 engine (you must have IE 4 or 5 installed). But what really sets NetCaptor apart is its browser tab interface, which opens new browser windows within the same frame as the main NetCaptor window, instead of in separate windows. NetCaptor utilizes tabs along the bottom of the window to make switching between open documents easy. And it really works: They've even implemented their own type of "Explorer bar" interface, with Favorites, History, and Search all available simultaneously, which is much nicer than the way IE works.

I recommend checking out NetCaptor today. The 990 KB download isn't painful, and its wealth of features may very well prove irresistible. You can find out more at the NetCaptor Web site

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