Navigator/Communicator 4.03 released

Netscape released new versions of Communicator and Navigator this weekend in its usual fashion: with no announcement on their Web site. Now available via the Netscape FTP site, the new 4.03 products are virtually indistinguishable from their predecessors, though Netcaster appears to have a modified Channel bar. According to the only report I've seen on the new Navigator, it features "a fresh look with all new icons, a customizable button bar, and a revised menu. Unicode technology supports many different languages and enables users to surf sites regardless of the language in which they are written." I upgraded my copy of Navigator 4.02 to 4.03 but have not noticed any of the visual updates mentioned here.

In any event, you can download the base install of Navigator 4.03 (8.2MB) from the Internet Nexus.

Thanks to Michael Tsang and Keith Furman for the tip

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