National Semiconductor, Omnicluster Technologies Join Forces in Server Blade Market

When you hear about Windows terminals, you probably think of National Semiconductor; the company makes the inner workings for most of the Windows terminals on the market. But National is now moving into the server side of the equation: OmniCluster Technologies, a leader in the development of server blades, has announced that it will use Geode technology from National in its SlotServer 1000. Measuring just 7" x 4" x 0.5", this server-on-a-card comes complete with CPU, RAM, IDE, USB, Ethernet, SVGA, and an integrated gigabit network to the PCI Bus. The SlotServer 1000 allows up to 18 additional computers that can run independently of each other or as a cluster within one standard computer system, expanding server capacity and functionality and saving significant space and energy. According to OmniCluster, the SlotServer uses 90 percent less power than conventional servers.

The SlotServer 1000, which costs $499, and other products will be on display at the Networld+Interop Conference to be held September 11 through 13 in Atlanta (Booth No. 4322).

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