Multilingual online conference addresses Enterprise 2.0 in Europe

Windows IT Pro has joined forces with Oracle to host an ambitious multilingual online conference and expo for a European audience on Thursday, February 19.

The Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Virtual Conference will be conducted simultaneously in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. The event is the first of its kind for Oracle and will explore the Enterprise 2.0 challenge and the use of the company's Windows/Unix-based content management and portal solutions to meet it.

The Enterprise 2.0 concept is rapidly gaining traction within IT and can loosely be described as the use of Web 2.0-type social software such as unstructured search tools, blogs, online social networks and wikis by businesses to share data and interact with prospects and customers.

A recent Oracle white paper on the subject states: "The emergence of social applications in the enterprise can enable the next wave of knowledge worker productivity. Such an increase in productivity is a vital requirement for business efficiency, growth, and innovation at a time when competitive advantage in many industries evolves from superior management of information assets and interactions – with customers, partners, competitors, and employees."

The author notes that many companies are starting to build social webs using Enterprise 2.0 software from vendors such as Oracle but asks: "Where can the social web and social computing solutions eventually take business?".

The Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Virtual Conference's first keynote speaker, Dennis Krueger, will seek to answer the question within a European context. Krueger is the publisher of Germany's popular enterprise content management portal JDK and his session, "Business Pains and Business Opportunities for Europe 2009: What's the Role of Enterprise 2.0?" will kick off the half-day event.

A second keynote slot will see Gartner research director Nikos Drakos joined by Oracle's EMEA vice-president for Enterprise 2.0 for a seminar entitled "How to Enhance the Power of Portals and CM and Enable New Business Benefits". Two technical sessions will follow which will look at Oracle's next-generation portal and content management tools.

The event will close around lunchtime with a Q&A session and online attendees will also be able to ask questions throughout the whole half-day event as well as interact with each other and the staff manning virtual booths at the accompanying expo.

Attendance is free. For further lowdown and registration, see the Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Virtual Conference website.

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