MSDN members will get immediate Win2000 access

Members of the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) Universal and Professional subscription programs will get immediate access to the final version of Windows 2000 when that product is finalized later this year. Microsoft says that it will be providing these members with the ability to download Windows 2000 from its Subscriber Downloads Web site well in advance of the normal CD shipments, which are expected sometime in Q1 2000. This early access will allow MSDN members to get started developing applications for Windows 2000 as quickly as possible.

In addition to the early-bird access program, Microsoft is also providing a number of other Windows 2000-related services to MSDN members. A group of MSDN Online Developer Centers will open on the Web beginning December 15th (the expected RTM date of Windows 2000... coincidence?) including the Windows 2000 Developer Center and the SQL Developer Center, which will provide members with the tools and information they need to create and deploy Windows DNA 2000 applications. In addition, Microsoft will continue its Windows 2000 Readiness Program for applications and developers, which helps get applications certified for use with Windows 2000. The company is also offering two free Windows DNA 2000 online courses to MSDN members.

For more information, please visit the MSDN Web site

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