MSDN to deliver Windows Me final in July

Thanks to Byron Hinson and Leen Snoek for the tip: If you had doubts about a June RTM (Release To Manufacturing) date for Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), doubt no more: The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is now advertising that it will ship the final version of Windows Me to its Professional and Universal subscribers sometime in the second week of July. And since MSDN typically sends out CDs weeks after the product becomes available, this announcement suggests that the June 13, 2000 RTM date that's been bandied about is pretty accurate.

"Windows Millennium Final Edition (English)" is listed to ship in the second week of July, according to the MSDN Web site. "Windows Millennium Edition is a Windows operating system for home users, coming out later this year. It is designed so consumers can experience the possibilities of digital media and home networking, and offers the broadest support for consumer hardware and software."

The June CD shipments included Windows Me Beta 3. But because of the rapid release schedule for the final product, the final release is becoming available within days of the Beta 3 CD shipment. So MSDN is shipping the final release in a special shipment during July.

Incidentally, Microsoft has finally posted some information about Windows Me on its Web site. Head on over to the Web and check it out

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