More Windows NT 4 SP4 info from Microsoft

Thanks to Michael Kairys, who has forwarded some great URLs and information about Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4. As many of you realize, the rollout last week of SP4 wasn't exactly, shall we say, smooth. Differences between the 40-bit version, the 128-bit version, and the Year 2000 version aren't exactly clear, for example, and Microsoft didn't exactly have a great Web site ready for its release to clear up matters.

Well, a new Web page at the Microsoft Support Web site seems to finally explain these issues.

One other piece of confusion generated by SP4: The README file mentions a Service Pack 1 release for the Microsoft Data Access Components 2.0 (MDAC), which supplies the ODBC/OLE DB drivers and whatnot. This release was not available at the time SP4 was released (typical, I know) but it is now. You can find the MDAC hot-fix at the Support site as well.

MDAC SP 1 is a 5.9 MB download

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