A Moment of Silence

I tried to write a news story today. I really did. I've even railed against the media's over-coverage of the anniversary of 9/11, when four violent acts of evil swept away America's remaining innocence and false sense of security. But whether it's the sad realization that I haven't done enough, in my mind, to help relief efforts or the fact that much of what I typically write about seems so trivial today, I just can't find an appropriate news article for today's issue of WinInfo Daily UPDATE.

Instead, let's observe a moment of silence--a thought or prayer for the people we've lost, not just in last year's horrible tragedy, but in any act of terrorism, war, violence, or other unnecessary act.

As an unabashedly patriotic American, a father, a son, and a friend, it grieves me to think that anyone should be denied the simplest human pleasures that I take for granted every day. If any good can come out of 9/11--and, inevitably, some good does come out of even the most despicable of events--maybe it's simply that we are brought closer together, overtly care a bit more about each other, and put aside our often-petty differences.

And life goes on. Tomorrow.

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