Microsoft/Apple alliance celebrates first year

Another year, another MacWorld: Microsoft Corporation and Apple Computer are celebrating the first anniversary of the Microsoft/Apple alliance, which resulted in the bundling of Internet Explorer into the Mac OS and the release of Office 98 for the Macintosh.

"Although our partnership was first met with boos at MacWorld a year ago, it has blossomed and is delivering some really great products to our joint customers," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO. "Our colleagues at Microsoft continue to demonstrate that they're genuinely interested in creating great Macintosh products such as Microsoft Office 98 and Internet Explorer 4.0."

Additionally, the companies announced that Apple's new iMac computer will include Internet Explorer and Outlook Express 4.01. iMac purchasers will also be able to get a $100 discount on Office 98. Future plans include a new, cooperatively developed Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that will run on both Windows and the Macintosh

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