Microsoft working on Windows 98 SP1

Well, we knew it was coming but we didn't think it would be this soon: According to reports, according one on ZDNet, Microsoft is working on Windows 98 Service Pack 1, the first add-on/bug fix pack for the company's latest operating system. Apparently, Service Pack 1 will be released before the end of the summer and be available from the Web-based Windows Update.

Windows 98 Service Pack 1 is being positioned as a multimedia enhancement pack, according to the ZDNet report. It will include a number of new graphical enhancements, a new WebTV for Windows programming guide, and support for new PC-TV cards. Microsoft denies that SP1 will include any bug fixes, however.

"Windows 98 bug fixes will be in there only if we find any major ones," said Rob Bennett, a Microsoft group product manager

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