Microsoft Web server edged out by Lotus, Netscape

According to a recent survey by Creative Networks, customers are more satisfied with Lotus Domino 4.5 and Netscape Enterprise Server than they are with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). The survey, conducted in December with 85 corporate sites, showed that overall satisfaction was quite high, however, with all Web servers getting a grade of at least "B".

"IIS came up short technically. Microsoft customers are buying for slightly different reasons: the reliability of the company fits in with their IT strategy. Overall satisfaction with Microsoft was lower, yet brand loyalty was the highest," said Nina Burns, president and founder of Creative Networks. "They buy Microsoft more because of the company name than for the specific functions of the product. Lotus did well with security, while Netscape won on scaling and performance. None has yet emerged as the hands-down leader or achieved an unassailable market position."

In the study, Netscape took highest honor in 17 of 23 categories, including scalability, performance, and reliability. Lotus won the remaining six categories, with users citing the integration of Notes and Domino as a major plus

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