Microsoft to update its optical mice

Microsoft is set to update its line of optical mice later this year with new models that are faster but otherwise identical to the current versions. The company says that its optical mice, which use a red "IntelliEye" laser rather than a mouse ball to track movement, have been overwhelmingly successful in the marketplace. The new versions will be 33% faster than the current models, featuring an IntelliEye laser that can track 2000 images per second. The new mice will ship in time for the Christmas buying season.

"Since our launch last year, consumer response to IntelliEye technology has been so phenomenal that stores have been known to sell out of their entire shipments the day they arrive," says Microsoft Mouse product manager Christine Kerr. "So we are putting our latest technology into the palms of our customers in time for the holiday season."

Microsoft makes a number of optical mice, including the five button IntelliMouse Explorer, which features a unique gray, high-tech look, the ambidextrous, five-button IntelliMouse Optical, the five-button Trackball Explorer, the Trackball Optical, and the ambidextrous, three button Wheel Mouse Optical. Prices range from $35 to $75, depending on the model

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