Microsoft to unveil Office 2000 SR-1 Tuesday

As reported last week in a WinInfo exclusive, Microsoft Corporation will finally release its first Service Release for Office 2000, Office 2000 SR-1, on Tuesday March 21st at 9:00 am Redmond time. SR-1 is designed to make it easier to deploy and use Office 2000, and the release enables better compatibility with Windows 2000. Most importantly, SR-1 fixes an extensive list of bugs in Access, Excel, FrontPage, the FrontPage server extensions, the Office server extensions, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, the Office Setup and a number of other common components. The service release can be applied to any version of Microsoft Office 2000 or any of the standalone applications, aside from PhotoDraw 2000. If you're running an older version of Internet Explorer, it can optionally upgrade that to Internet Explorer 5.01, the version of IE that ships with Windows 2000.

To upgrade to Office 2000 SR-1, you must have your Office 2000 CDs available. During the upgrade, SR-1 uses the original CDs to ensure that the installation is complete and valid. Office 200 SR-1 can later be uninstalled, if desired, but your system must have over 214 MB of free space. Office 2000 SR-1 will be available via CD or a massive download similar to those for newer versions of Internet Explorer.

If you'd like to order the Office 2000 SR-1 release on CD, call Microsoft at 1-800-360-7561 or head over to the Microsoft Web site for online ordering (this site won't be live until Tuesday). The SR-1 CD costs about $12 plus shipping and handling. Also beginning Tuesday, Office 2000 users will be able to download Service Release 1.

If you aren't yet an Office 2000 customer, future releases of Office 2000 will incorporate the SR-1 fixes and changes. Retail packaging for this new release will contain "new version" information similar to that found on the packaging for Windows 98 SE. The new version of Office 2000 that includes SR-1 will be available at retail in May.

I will be reviewing Office 2000 SR-1 this week on the SuperSite for Windows and supplying a list of all of the bug fixes and changes in this release. Stay tuned

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