Microsoft unclear about Windows Memphis to NT 5.0 Workstation migration

Attendees at the TechEd conference this week in Orlando are apparently confused about Microsoft's strategy--or lack of it--for moving Windows 95 users to Windows NT Workstation after the next versions of the OS ship next year. Microsoft has no plans, for example, to make NTFS accessible to Windows 95 users and FAT32 available to Windows NT users. More importantly, Microsoft will not be providing an easy way to upgrade from Memphis to the Windows NT. The company came under a lot of criticism for doing this with NT 4.0 and was expected to correct the situation with the next version.

"What we won't be providing initially is, on first ship, the upgrade from Windows Memphis \[to NT 5.0 Workstation\]," said Microsoft program manager Bernard Wong, who presented seminars on Memphis and NT 5.0 Workstation. "The reason is because we expect there won't be such an incredible amount of time lag between those products, so that somebody who has just finished upgrading to Memphis is not going to be upgrading to Windows NT Workstation.

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