Microsoft is UK's favourite brand

YouGov published a survey last week that cast an interesting light on UK attitudes that should have the folks back at Redmond HQ whooping for joy. According to the ubiquitous online pollster, the UK public’s favourite consumer brand in 2006 is not Auntie Beeb, HP Sauce or even Marks and Sparks, it’s Microsoft!

This startling revelation came as a result of the work done by industry analyst Superbrands which constantly monitors the public’s attitudes toward some of the world’s biggest companies. In this particular survey, a panel of experts selected 650 “superbrands” and then YouGov asked 2,373 members of the public to vote for their favourites.

Microsoft beat the BBC and British Airways to the top slot, although relative newcomers like Dyson, Nokia and Google all made it into the top 20. Apple only managed the 25th ranking and Amazon and eBay trailed behind at 53rd and 60th respectively.

Jim Stirling

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