Microsoft Sysinternals Troubleshooting Tool Updated, Bundled

Updated yesterday, the latest version of the Sysinternals tool, Process Explorer, is available at the Microsoft website for download.Process Explorer 11.3 reveals the inner workings of your system, showing active processes and their owning accounts, and handles and DLLs that the processes have selected and loaded. It also lets you search processes by handles and DLLs. Process Explorer is available at the Microsoft website. Sysinternals tools have also been bundled into the Sysinternals Suite, containing such must-haves as AccessChk, CacheSet, DebugView, DiskMon, Hex2dec, PsKill, RegMon, and many more.

Speaking of troubleshooting, Microsoft senior escalation engineer Michael Morales dives into the deep end to detail how to troubleshoot using two tools (one of which is Process Explorer) in “Say "Whoa!" to Runaway Processes.”

And in “3 Steps to Troubleshooting Device Drivers,” Steven Daugherty walks you through the steps for how to troubleshoot slow-loading applications, focusing on device drivers and deferred procedure calls (DPCs).

Finally, where there’s trouble, there’s management. Australia’s favorite Windows Security MVP, Orin Thomas, tells about a problem encountered when management made certain assumptions—assumptions that proved incorrect, in “The Website is Down Because Someone Removed the X-Box.”

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