Microsoft supports the Mac with new IE, site

Microsoft showed up for MacWorld sans the satellite-beamed head of Bill Gates, but the company did unleash a bit of Macintosh support in time for the show. First up is the release of Internet Explorer 4.5 for the Macintosh, which features a number of new usability features that meet or surpass versions of IE on Windows. A Print Preview feature, for example, is particularly well done, the form auto-complete feature from IE 5.0 on Windows has been implemented for Mac users. A new feature called PageHolder allows you to keep a list of easily-accessible sites in a side pane of the browser window.

Also new in IE 4.5 is the drag-and-drop installation feature from Office 98, drag-and-drop image saving from Web pages, and some speed and stability improvements. All in all, it's a nice upgrade and one that will make more than a few Windows users jealous.

Microsoft also unveiled a new Macintosh section on their Web site called "MacTopia" where Mac users can find out about the company's Mac products and download the free stuff. MacTopia is staffed by the good people in Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, which the company says is the largest group of Mac developers outside of Apple. Check out MacTopia for details

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