Microsoft stock jumps as NGWS rollout begins

Microsoft stock rebounded Wednesday as Microsoft's legal fortunes improved, sending shares up to over 80 after dipping to a low of 60 earlier this month. The dramatic reversal came on the heels of a ruling by Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson that indefinitely stayed his final ruling against the company until the appeals process runs its course. And with the Supreme Court probably not ruling on Microsoft's appeal for several months at least, the ruling was seen as a strong indication that the company is free to conduct business as usual. But the good news wasn't limited to just Microsoft: The tech heavy Nasdaq rode Microsoft's coattails to its fifth-highest close ever with a gain of 51, and the Dow Jones industrial average was up almost 63.

And with things finally looking up for the software giant, Microsoft will reveal its plans for Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS) Thursday. The company had previously rescheduled the rollout of NGWS because of a ruling by Judge Jackson earlier this month. NGWS is expected to be an XML-based extension of the Windows programming interfaces that allows Windows-based developers to expose services over the Web. Thursday's NGWS announcement will include details about the technology as well as an explanation of how its current products fit into the plan

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