Microsoft Ships Vista Beta 2 Preview to Testers

Several beta testers reported to me early Saturday morning that Microsoft had issued 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista build 5381.1, which is a preview of the Beta 2 version of Vista the company intends to ship later this month to millions of testers. I first reported that Microsoft would ship a variant of build 5381 as Beta 2 earlier this week when rumors surfaced that the software giant would delay Vista further into 2007.

Windows users who are eager to test Vista won't have much longer to wait: Currently, the company still plans to ship Beta 2 on May 22, and the company will eventually allow millions of consumers to obtain this release at little or no cost. You can find a screenshot gallery on the SuperSite for Windows. My next Vista review will coincide with the Beta 2 release.

  SuperSite for Windows

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