Microsoft requests more time

Microsoft has requested seven months of time to prepare its response to the anti-trust cases brought against it this month by the DOJ and 20 states. The request was part of four separate motions Microsoft filed on Thursday with the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C.

"In the interests of due process and basic fairness, we're seeking a reasonable amount of time to review all of the government's documents, gather documents from third parties and interview potential witnesses so we can prepare a full response," the company wrote in a prepared statement. "We want to get this matter behind us as soon as possible. We need a reasonable amount of time to respond to the government's request for a preliminary injunction that would be extremely far-reaching and could have major negative impact on consumers and the high-tech industry."

Microsoft is also trying to consolidate the federal and states cases into a single case. If the court agrees with the motions, Microsoft will have six months to perform a discovery investigation and another month to exchange briefs with the DOJ

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