Microsoft reorganization a go for next week

Microsoft Corporation will reportedly be reorganizing its corporate structure next week, creating new units that better serve the needs of its customers. Currently, Microsoft is organized by its product lines, with operating systems in one group, for example. Under the new plan, Jon DeVaan and Brad Chase will spearhead Microsoft's Interactive Media Group (IMG) now that Brad Silverberg has apparently turned down an offer to return to the company. VP Jim Allchin will be in charge of a new enterprise group that includes Windows 2000 and the consumer OS follow-up to Windows 98. And Paul Maritz will take a step down by many measures to lead the developer relations group. The final new group, which will create software for the so-called "knowledge workers," will be lead by Robert Muglia. This group will focus on the BackOffice and Microsoft Office suites.

Obviously, the company's not talking about these developments right now, but the move is expected to take place as early as the weekend

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