Microsoft releases Windows Services for UNIX 2.0

Microsoft Corporation on Monday announced the upcoming release of Windows Services for UNIX (SFU) 2.0, a comprehensive package of tools and services for administrators that need to integrate Windows NT/2000 with UNIX network environments. SFU 2.0 is specifically designed to make it easy to transition from legacy UNIX environments to more modern NT-based systems, and it includes a number of components, such as NFS clients, servers, and gateways, that make heterogeneous UNIX/NT environments easier to manage.

"As increasing numbers of customers choose to adopt Windows 2000 as part of their UNIX networks, Microsoft is committed to ensuring that the Windows platform works well with other key platforms and systems in the heterogeneous computing environments," said S. Somasegar, the VP of Windows Engineering Services at Microsoft. "Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 is a strategic product because it allows organizations to benefit from Windows while supporting their existing technology investment."

Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 was the first of many products to be developed at Microsoft's India Development Center. It will cost approximately $150 when it is released in May to Microsoft Select and Open License customers; normal retail distribution is expected by June. For more information, please visit the Services for UNIX 2.0 Web site

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