Microsoft releases Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5

Thanks to Jason LoBrutto for the tip: Microsoft has apparently uploaded the final version of Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 (SP5) to its Web site, though it has yet to provide any Web-based information about it. I do know that it's the 40-bit version and that the download is about 33 MB.

According to the included README file, Windows NT 4.0 SP5 is not a required upgrade that rolls up many of the recent updates to Windows NT 4.0. Additionally, SP5 has undergone extensive regression testing. SP5 includes the following frequently requested updates to Windows NT 4.0:

  • DHCP Server of SP4 Ignores Reservations.
  • SP4 forces cluster servers to be taken off and online.
  • Windows NT 4.0 SP4 Does Not Update MTS Files.
  • Duplicate SCSI Logical Unit (LUN) 0 When LargeLUNs Registry Key Enabled.
  • Under stress, a computer running Windows NT Server or Workstation may display a STOP 0x0000001E error message on a blue screen.
  • Cannot configure ODBC logging when using Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.0 SP1, SP4, and Proxy Server 2.0.
  • Secondary WINS query delayed by 1500ms even when primary WINS returns 'na.
  • Using SP4, RCP "host:foo ." fails.
  • SP4 systems access the hard disks every five minutes, which interferes with Power Management.
  • Y2K fixes.
  • Numerous updates and fixes for Service Pack 4.
  • Euro updates.
  • Security updates.
If you're a hardy soul with a high-speed connection, you might want to check this out immediately. For the more cautious users, however, I recommend waiting for the official release. You can download SP5 now from the Microsoft Web site
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