Microsoft releases Windows 98 Second Edition to Manufacturing

Microsoft Corporation announced Wednesday that the new version of Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), is "complete" and has been released to manufacturing. Windows 98 SE will replace the original version of Windows 98 in retail stores and with new PCs, offering bug fixes, Internet Explorer 5.0, and a new Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature. Existing users of Windows 98 will soon be able to upgrade to Windows 98 SE by purchasing a "Windows 98 Second Edition Updates" (formerly "Step-Up") CD from the Windows 98 Web site for about $20 US. Users that do buy the Updates CD will also receive a book called "Windows 98 and the Internet," which details the new features in SE.

"We're committed to providing timely updates of Windows for consumers to keep pace with the rapid advances in Internet technologies and hardware support," said David Cole, vice president of the Consumer Windows Division at Microsoft. "Windows 98 Second Edition is the next step on an exciting path of Windows-based developments for consumers that will focus on areas such as home networking, the online experience, digital media and entertainment, and PC simplicity."

Additionally, Windows 98 SE includes Windows NetMeeting 3.0, support for new hardware, and all of the Service Pack fixes that have been releases for Windows 98 since last June such as the Year 2000 updates.

Windows 98 SE, like Windows 98 before it, will cost an estimated $89 for an upgrade version at retail

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