Microsoft releases Visual Studio 6 SP2

Thanks to everyone that wrote in about Visual Studio 6.0 SP 2: Yep, it's only been a few months, but Microsoft has already shipped the second service pack for VS 6.0. I've probably harped on this enough already, but I'll say it again: This is what happens when you sit in an ivory tower, decree a release schedule, and then just follow that schedule even when the product isn't ready to ship. When Visual Studio was in the final days of development, I received a survey asking me about the "shipability" of the product, to which I gave it very low marks. This elicited a phone call from Microsoft, who were astonished that it could be so bad. Maybe they should have paid attention then: Since the release of Visual Studio last fall, Microsoft has received tons of bad press, complaints from developers about the quality of the product, and has been forced to issue two major bug fixes.

And for you MSDN subscribers out there, wondering why the January release is late, this is it: Microsoft delayed it so the SP could get in there.

Like previous Visual Studio service packs, VS 6.0 SP2 comes in a variety of flavors (core and full) and includes all of the fixes from the previous SP. Microsoft recommends that every VS user apply the SP. For more information, and to download it, please visit the Visual Studio Web site

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