Microsoft releases Visual C++ Technology Preview

Microsoft is giving developers a free peek at the next version of Visual C++ this week as they release the Visual C++ Technology Preview, a free add-on for Visual C++ 5.0 that makes the tool more compatible with IE 4.0 and the new technologies it supports.

The Visual C++ Technology Preview includes the following features:

  • Dynamic HTML support: Allows your MFC applications to host Dynamic HTML    in a browser-like environment. Using this new DHTML support, you can    create browser-like front ends to your existing applications.
  • Support for IE 4.0 Common Controls: Give your MFC applications the look    and feel of Internet Explorer 4.0. New control support includes the IE    4.0-style toolbars, the IP Address control, the Date Picker and Month    Calendar controls, the Extended Combo Box control, plus enhancements to    the Slider, Toolbar, Tab, Status Bar, Image List, Hot Key, Progress Bar,    and Tool Tip controls.
  • ActiveX Document Containment: Easily put full-featured charts, graphs,    or even Web browsers right in your MFC applications, with full menu    merge.
  • Universal Data Access/OLE-DB support: OLE DB Consumer Templates let you    go directly to OLE DB to provide you with high-speed data access from    your applications and controls. OLE DB Provider Templates give you    C/C++, OLE Automation, Java, and scripting access to your data.
You can download the Visual C++ Technology Preview for free starting Wednesday, October 29th from the Microsoft Visual C++ homepage
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